Catching Them Young

A Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

Catching them Young: (For Youths and secondary school students).This noble activity is aimed at empowering youngsters in secondary schools to imbibe the art of public speaking. A corporate social responsibility under our platform.

Like it or not, students are bound to face public speaking situations as they will be called upon by their teachers to lead the assembly, answer questions, make representations or do some reading in front of their classmates. Some of these students will be very brilliant with mastery of key subjects but will often find it uncomfortable when put on the spot. Others will be extremely shy types doing everything possible to remain back of the classroom for fear of being noticed and called upon.

Our students must therefore be encouraged to embrace this challenge very early in their life’s development if they are to emerge ready for the real world situations ahead of them.

Hence, the commitment, by the School of Eloquence, to spearhead this “Catching Them Young” programme. 

It is the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative established by the School of Eloquence where alumni of the School (which comprises of professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and politicians e.t.c. who have successfully passed through our Public Speaking Masterclass)

visit public secondary schools to spend an hour or more teaching and showing public speaking basics to students from diverse backgrounds. During such teachings, the School of Eloquence’s 40-page public speaking pocketbook is handed out to each student.

We encourage as many that are interested to join us either as alumni (i.e. take our classes) or sponsors in this initiative of support, our collective social responsibility (CSR) seeing that speaking skills are barely taught in most of our Nigerian schools.