Eloquence Club

The Eloquence Club is a COMMUNITY of alumni members of the School of Eloquence who meet monthly to network and develop their Public Speaking Skills. It is a forum where alumni members come together to practice their public speaking skills, improve in their abilities and learn more about the art of public speaking in a relaxed social environment, learn from one another, share ideas and practice their speeches.

Out of a strong desire to assist alumni of the School of Eloquence continue on the path to mastery of Public Speaking, to ensure that there is a growth in their Public Speaking Skills both as individuals and Subject Matter Experts and to avoid a relapse into poor public speaking, the Eloquence Club was established as a means of continuous learning.

The Eloquence Club is founded on 3 Values – COMMUNICATION, COMMUNITY AND CONTINUITY.

  • COMMUNICATION – Eloquence is about effective and powerful oral communication.
  • CONTINUITY – The aim of Eloquence Club is to assist alumni in continuing their learning of public speaking. This value is critical.
  • COMMUNITY – In the Eloquence club, you will find a community of friends on the same journey with other alumni members. These persons all come from different walks of life with the sole aim of becoming a better and more effective public speaker.

We encourage you that you join us along this path to Eloquent Communication.

Note: To be a member of the Eloquence Club, you must first pass through the Speak with Power Masterclass.

To join, kindly register – Click Here