Eloquence Confidential

Because you are a very serious-minded and focused person, we have taken the time to design a special intervention course to help you improve on your public speaking skills without interference or distractions, one that will help you learn and practice at your own place and pace.

The VIPs Exclusive One-On-One Coaching is marked by its exclusivity and adaptive nature for VIPs seeking to take their public speaking and presentation skills to the next level. Some of our current clients include Distinguished Senators of the Federal Republic, Honourable members of the House of Representatives, Directors-General of Public Agencies and CEOs/Senior Corporate Executives from the Private Sector.

It is a 10 to 20-Hour personal public speaking training programme spread over a period of two to 4 weeks, depending oi the client’s disposition and situation at any private location of your choice within the country.

To book your personal session, call the Speech Coach on 0802-3032066, 07061606078 for a discussion on your personal speaking needs and challenges following which a unique and customized coaching plan will be designed for you. Clients will enjoy the following programme benefits:

  • Tuition & Coaching Sessions
  • Course Literature Album containing Training DVDs (7 hours) & Audio CDs (7 Hours)
  • Course Manual & Public Speaking Text
  • Speech practice podium/lectern
  • Speaking Practicals – Recorded Speech delivery, videotaping plus facilitator’s feedback

Call now for a meaningful conversation to assess your public speaking needs and expectations to enable us serve you.

This Programme will address the following key areas for the client.

  1. Speaker Authenticity: How to generate a touch of genuineness during an oral delivery. This value is the projection of the real personality of the client through their speaking and presentation so as to elicit natural communication chemistry between the speaker and the audience. Additionally, help the client come to terms with his phobia (where existent) for public speaking situations; eliminate shyness; manage the associated trepidation and ultimately overcome the fear of public speaking / stage fright (Psychological)
  1. Speaker Articulation: Help the client navigate the speaking challenge and master the skill of translating ‘thought to talk’ i.e. material organization and verbal expression – Speech communication. Plus the need to be able to speak with a commanding sense of presence and self/voice.
  1. Speaker Assertion: Also palpable is the problem of Projection hence the need to overcome introversion and severe self-consciousness; and develop his capacity for self-extension and on-stage assertiveness through the deliberate and effective utilization of vocal, facial and body elements in speechmaking and public presentations.
  2. Speaker Inspiration: The ‘connection factor’ – The ability to capture people’s Imagination, inspire listeners and sustain engagement throughout the course of presentations thereby eliciting appropriate audience response.

Measures & Values

Additionally, the client is expected at the end of this intervention, to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate, as determined by instructor evaluation, proficiency in public speaking and eloquent delivery.  Specifically, client will be proficient in audience analysis, critical listening, logical thinking, speech organization, research, composition, and oral delivery.
  1. Use voice, language, gestures, and total speech appearance positively in the rehearsal and delivery of public speeches and presentations.
  1. Prepare and deliver public speeches designed to achieve eloquence – to entertain, to inform, to persuade, to demonstrate, or to achieve some other predetermined purpose. (Structure the speech – develop, organize and design a speech)
  1. Have a very robust and thorough understanding and perspective of the entire gamut of ideas and values underlying effective and powerful public speaking.
  1. Stand before any audience, large or small, to speak effectively and powerfully on any chosen or assigned subject within variously stipulated time frames – short (5 to 10 minutes) & long (20 to 45 minutes)
  1. Overcome public speaking anxiety and turn the energy into positive use. Overcome shyness in social situations.
  2. Ultimately have the foundation for building presentation and facilitation skills in a follow-on course. Skills considered crucial for his strategic / leadership position within the organization.

Timing & Methodology

  • Subject to discussion and depending on client’s choice, this will be a 10-hour to 20-Hour regimen spread over daily or weekly time frameworks. (Refer to the table below for breakdown by category). With each session covering subject matter immersion, practical demonstrative elements, performance evaluation and feedback, bespoke on-the-spot coaching and mentoring support for the duration of coaching and up to 4 weeks thereafter.
  • Location will be at both the Training Studio of the School of Eloquence, Maryland and (where necessitated by contingency) at client’s location of convenience.
  • Delivery intensity and duration will vary depending on option chosen by client. Please see table below for breakdown.

Terms & Conditions

Advance payment is preferred – 100% of fee for client’s chosen category to be made payable in favour of School of Eloquence by either cheque or direct credit into GTB Account Number 0122803533. Fees do not include trainer’s cost of travel and hotel accommodation for outside Lagos clients.


  1. The Purpose of Public Speaking – Understanding it
  2. The Myths of Public Speaking – Debunking them
  3. The Importance of Public Speaking – Highlighting them
  4. The Fears of Public Speaking – Overcoming them
  5. The Assurance of Public Speaking – Attaining it
  6. The Dividends of Public Speaking – Reaping them
  7. The Spirit of Public Speaking – Invoking it
  8. The Tools of Public Speaking – Utilizing them
  9. The Commands of Public Speaking – Mastering them
  10. The Structure of Public Speaking – Maintaining it.
  11. The Pillars of Public Speaking – Upholding them
  12. The Gearing of Public Speaking – Engaging them
  13. The Settings of Public Speaking – Interpreting Them
  14. The Preparations for Public Speaking – Undergoing them
  15. The Seasonings of Public Speaking – Savouring them
  16. The Practice of Public Speaking – Committing to it
  17. The Examples of Public Speaking Emulating them
  18. The Laws of Public Speaking – Obeying Them!
  19. The Sins of Public Speaking – Avoiding them
  20. The PowerPoint Presentation – Incorporating it.

Your Key Takeaways & Quick wins

Below is a listing of the skills you’ll quickly master:

  • How to control your nerves and drastically reduce any speaker anxieties
  • Speak to Connect better with your audience by establishing instant rapport with your listeners.
  • Structure your message in an organized way and manner and incorporate ideas and stories for impact
  • Specific tips to proactively build the all-important speaker confidence through preparation
  • Speech take-offs – How to launch a powerful introduction that sets up your message.
  • Proper pacing during speaking and time management so that you are always in control of delivery
  • Finding your Voice – Project with power and sound authoritative
  • Audience involvement during your presentation to avoid a one-way traffic syndrome
  • Creative ways to use facts and statistics without boring your audience and losing their attention.
  • Illustrated ways to use notes and drive your key concepts and not memorize your presentation.
  • How to incorporate humor, even if you’re presenting serious ideas.
  • Transforming your use of PowerPoint from detailed handouts to captivating slides using visuals for maximum impact.
  • Creating the “Lingering Effect” and remaining indelible in your audience hearts – How to close with impact so your listeners won’t forget you or your message!