Eloquence Incorporated

We understand the challenge you may sometimes face by not being able to send your staff to one of our weekly open trainings in Public Speaking and have therefore developed the option of an In-House Programme where we bring the training to you and your staff at the very doorsteps of your organization.  Below are some of the benefits associated with this option and our record of success in delivering on this promise.

1. The Convenience of Exclusivity. You will not be bothered about the influence of outsiders on your staff learning and development.

2. We will make it more cost-effective for you to train staff groups simultaneously. How? Rather than pay the standard per delegate fee charged at our weekly open programmes, you will be paying a reduced per-staff fee for a minimum class of ten persons and a maximum of 15. The amount will cover tuition, course materials, practice sessions, and video work.

3. We will customize the training to make for effective and direct application for your people in terms of their work.

  • JOINT ACCOUNTABILITIES: Your organization will be responsible for providing the venue, catering and other related logistics for a successful event. Leaving only the learning process for the School of Eloquence to facilitate.
  • SUCCESS STORIES – Nigeria LNG Ltd Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Multichoice Nigeria Regional Managers, Total Nigeria Plc, Lafarge Plc Engineers, Managers of UAC Restaurants (Mr. Bigg’s), UAC Properties Development Company Plc & Directors of Voice of Nigeria (VON) – See testimonials Here.

We shall be ready to take your brief and work towards a successful execution of this training for your staff. Just call or text 0802303206607061606078. Or email: dean@schoolofeloquence.org.  You will find additional information about the School of Eloquence and how we work in the attached brochure.

Looking forward to hearing from you and your organization. Click here to contact us