Facilitation Skills Masterclass (FSM)

Course Duration: 2 Days. Course Fee: ₦101,575 (click here to register)

Special Requirement:

Delegates for this programme are expected to have undergone at least the 2-Day Basic Speaking Masterclass (BSM) to establish the fundamentals of their public speaking skills as a pre-requisite. It would also be an added advantage if intending enrollees have completed the Presentation Skills Masterclass (PSM).


This module will provide all participants with the opportunity to either freshly acquire or enhance their existing capabilities by exploring the mindset, meaning, principles, characteristics, and skills of facilitative education. The goal will be to have participants practically demonstrate and deploy the skills needed to achieve results in facilitated sessions such as general meetings, brainstorming sessions, projects debates, learning exchanges, important discussions, group interactions, etc. All in a bid to harness indigenous input and reach shared and expected outcomes.

By the end of the programme, Participants will be able to:

  1. Facilitate effective learning & brainstorming sessions, purpose-oriented meetings that maximise individual and group contributions to achieve their desired objective.
  2. Define the facilitator’s role and responsibilities in group settings.
  3. Identify the four phases of group development.
  4. Describe at least two or more effective communication techniques used by facilitators and discuss how to use them.
  5. Develop their own unique ‘chameleon-like’ facilitative qualities and practically use at least one group facilitation technique.

Course Outline

Facilitation is all about helping a group of people achieve their own learning goal or objectives. How effective a facilitator is in helping groups achieve this will depend upon his or her ability to recognize the stage of group development the team is at and apply the appropriate facilitation skills and techniques to move them forward. All these and more will be covered in this tailored in-company facilitation skills training course. True to its nature, the course will be both interactive and hands on and will involve a great amount of practical group work to promote facilitation skills development.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to the Module – Who is a facilitator? The ‘chameleon’ that does not intrude – ever allowing an expected natural cause to play out.
  2. Establishing the central thought – FACILITATION: It’s all about Group Development.
  3. The Principles of Effective Adult Learning
  4. Characteristics of Effective Facilitators
  5. Understanding Facilitative Leadership
    • Facilitation Skills
    • Facilitation Skills Learning Objectives
    • What is a Facilitator?
    • Facilitator Behaviors
    • Facilitator Techniques
    • Content Expert vs. Process Guru – Which is required?
    • Phases of Group Development & Group Process Techniques
    • Process vs. Content
    • Suggestions for Facilitators
  6. Mini-presentations in facilitative mode.
  7. Establishing Guidelines for Group Facilitation
  8. Applying the Guidelines & Skills
  9. PRACTISE! PRACTISE!! Role-play for Skill-Building  for Participants