Function-Specific Speaking

How to Give Function-Specific Speeches (Access Code Required) – Welcome to the Eloquence Executive Lounge aka Eloquence Confidential, – An Exclusive Resource Centre of nugatory insights on how to deliver specific speeches that suit specific situations ranging from 5 to 10 minutes per module. This Collection of Different Speeches is an executive’s life-saver, especially when called upon at the shortest possible notice to deliver impromptu or planned remarks and they reflect a number of scenarios such as:

Keynote Address – Making the main theme the main thing and galvanizing attention around it. Click Here

Funeral Eulogy – Capturing the spirit of the moment and enlivening memory of the departed. Click Here

Adulation Address – How to pay glowing tributes in celebration of the living. Click Here

The Awesome Toast – Just before you raise your glasses. Click Here

Chairman’s Wedding Speech – Remarks fitting for the ultimate social gathering. Click Here

Rallying the Troops – A motivational pep-talk call-to-action for your board, management or teams for performance. Click Here

Crisis Communication – A passionate plea combined with an appeal for empathy and spirit in turbulent times to avert a crisis of confidence. Click Here

How to Introduce Others (Guests or Speakers): Learning to give a really good introduction is a regular feature at corporate meets as business people need to introduce people all the time. It should be a “Topic-Intent” delivery and should play short and s. Click Here

The Boardroom Address – How to deliver with clout, command and consensus to achieve necessary buy-in of other members of your board for your top-level ideas. Click Here

Awards Acceptance Speech – Overcome the surprise and savour the achievement moment with worthy excitement, candor and thankfulness. Click Here

Special Announcements such as new product launch, introduction of unique initiative, etc. Click Here

Opening Remarks – Broaching the issue, initiating the subject and setting the tone for the main discourse. Click Here

Welcome Remarks – Event-oriented oration and appreciation of audience with a sense of warm reception. Click Here


We will show you how to conceptualize, write and package any speech in these categories and help you practice their delivery on camera plus review their recordings in a manner that is tailored to fit your proposed speaking engagement. Call +2348023032066 now for a session!