Master of Ceremonies Masterclass (MCM)

Course Duration: 2 Days. Course Fee: ₦101,575 (click here to register)

Special Requirement:

Delegates for this programme are expected to have undergone at least the 2-Day Basic Speaking Masterclass (BSM) to establish the fundamentals of their public speaking skills as a pre-requisite. It would also be an added advantage if intending enrolees have completed the Advanced Speaking Masterclass (ASM).


Nothing beats the level of meticulousness associated with being a Master of Ceremony. Beyond the speaking skills components, the compere owns the show. That’s why they are called Master of Ceremony. While the MC may not own the event, they will nonetheless become the owner of its fallout, good or bad. The MC’s capacity for contextual interpretation, direction and delicate manipulation is as crucial as his or her oratory. This programme is designed to fully prepare the good speaker in search of imprinting their signature on the totality of every event they are asked to chaperon.

By the end of the programme, Participants will be able to:

  1. Chaperon or direct the course of very formal functions in a well-laid-out fashion while respecting the ceremonial demands of protocol and due order of precedence.
  2. Imbibe the class and clout that represent the best practice behaviour true MCs are known for all over the world.
  3. Project the awareness and assertiveness required to cope with the duties of a consummate MC and meet client expectations.
  4. Avoid the booby-traps of mixing comedic inanities with state-like, business functions which currently constitute the aberration in today’s Nigerian marketplace of hiring comperes.

Course Outline

  • How good is Your Public Speaking? Quick Review of Oratory
  • Historical View of the Role of the MC – An Aristocratic Function
  • Developing and Exhibiting High Ceremonial Awareness
  • Understanding the Nature and Categories of Events
  • Mastering the Rules of the Gig – The 5 Ps
  • Some Key Function Specific Skills for MCs
  • The MC as more than an Announcer or Comedian
  • Professional Etiquettes of the Business
  • Finding Work as a Master of Ceremonies
  • Practical Demonstration Sessions