Motivational Speaker’s Masterclass (MSM)

Course Duration: 2 Days. Course Fee: ₦101,575 (click here to register)

Special Requirement:

Delegates for this programme are expected to have undergone at least the 2-Day Basic Speaking Masterclass (BSM) to establish the fundamentals of their public speaking skills as a pre-requisite. It would also be an added advantage if intending enrollees have completed the Advanced Speaking Masterclass (ASM).


Popularly known as the “Speaking for a Living” course, this is a purely professional programme. It is designed to help current speakers seeking a clear career path to professional speaking success by the use of achievement-motivation to inspire and impact potential client-audiences in a business-like way.

Course Outline

  • The Public Speaking Imperative – A Quick Reference to Its Three Stages.
  • Exploring the 6 Stages of Professional Speaking
  • What Motivational Speaking all about – Historical & Functional Perspectives
  • Understanding Achievement Motivation
  • An Overview of the Self-help Industry and your Potential for success in it.
  • Deep Dive into The 8 Core Competencies of Professional Speaking
  • Professional Orientation and Development of an Area of Expertise
  • Developing your Niche in Motivational Speaking
  • Finding and Building your Motivational brand
  • Strategies for Commanding Corporate Attention & Broad Patronage.
  • The Business of Speaking – Making money from motivating the masses
  • The Voice of Experience – Lessons from two decades of professional motivational speaking from Nigeria’s Mister Motivator.
  • Motivational speaking case studies – Discussion-led Session.
  • The Professional Pathway: Separating Religion from Motivation – The John C. Maxwell Case Study and the Nigerian Environment.
  • Consulting Basics for Professional Speakers 101
  • International Professional: Joining the National Speakers Association (USA) and the Global Speakers Federation
  • Attaining the Global Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Designation