Our Facilities

The School of Eloquence is located at 47B, Oduduwa Crescent, GRA – Ikeja. Its environment is one of serenity to enable participants enjoy the learning which in turn causes ease of assimilation. It is an environment that fosters creativity seeing as public speaking is a subject matter that thrives on critical thinking and creative execution.


With our participants at the fore of our concentration, the School of Eloquence training centre is designed with the following present:


The driveway isn’t only functional; it is aesthetical and philosophical. While it provides a space for our exclusive participants to park their cars for confidentiality purposes, it also boasts of posters with thought provoking quotes aimed at getting our participants thinking of how best to project themselves and their message to their audience.

As a tribute to the UNKNOWN SPEAKER, the School of Eloquence has a statue representing all of us who in one way or the other speak and continue to speak. It serves as a reminder that as long as you exist on the surface earth, there will always be opportunities to step into the limelight as Unknown Speakers in our various fields.


In our 12 years of existence as a public speaking school, we have being privileged to have had various and different types of persona grace our doors. As a memoir for years of hard work, the School of Eloquence has a GREAT WALL OF SPEAKERS in the verandah exhibited for everyone and anyone to see.

Aspire to get on Our Great Wall of Speakers. You never know; there might just be some familiar faces on our wall.


Since we are in the business of capacity building, it is only necessary that our reception be warm and welcoming. Our visitors are treated with utmost comfort and hospitality. We are always willing and ready to cater to our participants’ and visitors’ needs.


The 2-day public speaking masterclass is aimed at training individuals and corporate organizations on the art of public speaking. Some of the clients include civil servants, entrepreneurs, entertainers, clergies, educationists, students and so on.

At the School of Eloquence, the first day of the training is usually held in a classroom called THE MASTER CLASS. It is a very comfortable room with chairs to most 10 persons, well-ventilated and board room table. Here, many a lecture, presentation and speech have being given in the course of learning.

The Masterclass is conducive and suitable for learning and hands-on teaching.


For the VIPs Exclusive 1-on-1 coaching, otherwise known as the Eloquence Confidential Training, which is marked by its exclusivity and adaptive nature for VIPs seeking to take their public speaking and presentation skills to the next level, the School of Eloquence has a room known as THE VIP LOUNGE.

The VIP Lounge is designed to give our VIPs maximum comfort during trainings and presentations. All that is needed to achieve that has already being provided and more. Some of our current clients include Distinguished Senators of the Federal Republic, Honourable members of the House of Representatives, Director General of Public Agencies and CEOs/Senior Corporate Executives from the private Sector.

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Just like its name implies, the School of Eloquence has a CONFERENCE ROOM where participants make their presentations and watch the play backs to ascertain their errors and successes on the lectern.

It is tastefully design to portray the severity of public speaking and how easy it is to fail yourself, your team members or organization in a speaker-audience scenario.

The conference room also has a library with books on various subject matters; from business to motivational to public speaking to journals because we believe that for effective passage of message, the message must be thoroughly digested by speaker. What better way to achieve this than reading books.

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We are committed to teaching the world and one of the ways of reaching that world is via the media; thus, the creation of the MEDIA STUDIO.

The media studio is meant for the shooting of our SPEAK WITH POWER TV PROGRAM which will contain interviews with various celebrities/VIPS on their opinion of public speaking and their experimentation with presenting before different types of audiences; speaking tips for today; public opinion of the problems and importance of public speaking e.t.c.

Also, the Speak with Power Masterclass Online Classes also known as Eloquence Online will kick off for as many that want to enroll online for public speaking training.

School of Eloquence Master Class

Conference Hall

VIP Suite