SOE Organizes Enhancement Programme For Media Professionals

The School of Eloquence (SOE), a school where people are trained on the art and skills of public speaking, is planning a one-day skill enhancement programme for members of the press, both electronic and print. This School of Eloquence program tagged as Editor’s School of Eloquence with a title ‘From Press Presence’.

The enhancement programme which is also disseminated as Public Speaking For The Press, is the second in its series in the history of the School of Eloquence and it will focus on helping media professionals enhance their oratory skills before various audiences whether large or small.

Since media professionals work in a mediated environment, either through the print or electronic as broadcast professionals, it is very important that they have an interpersonal skill of working with audiences and as such, the public speaking course will cover things like confidence before an audience, how to organize your speech, how to deliver your content, the use of gestures, the use of voice and other areas such as the tools of public speaking, the structure of public speaking, the essence of public speaking, and the dos and don’ts of speaking before audiences.

The programme is specially designed to bring media men out of their mediated environment, so that they can interface better with audiences. The programme which is scheduled to hold on the 31st of May, 2019, will feature represented delegates from various print and electronic media organizations across the country.

It will be facilitated by the Dean of School of Eloquence, Ubong Essien who is currently the only certified Public Speaker in the whole of West Africa and certificates will be issued at the end of the programme.

It should be noted that on the 29th of June 2018, the first edition of this programme was organized and widely lauded by media professionals, as a welcome development in terms of capacity building for media professionals and journalists are looking forward to this second edition with great expectations.

At the last edition of this programme that took place in June 2018 as earlier mentioned, Ayo Arowolo, Editor at large of This day Newspapers, stated that “anyone who can speak well can never be broke”. He further suggested to people out there that anyone who wants to make money should go ahead and acquire a public speaking skill at the School of Eloquence as wealth lies in our various mouths and that was what inspired him to register for the programme.

The programmes promises to be a wonderful experience.

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